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Turkey Meatballs with Tomato Sauce and Gnocchi (OSC 3)

Yes, yes, my friends, Operation Spring Cleaning continues. It has now reached its third episode. Oh, the thrill. The suspense. I’m not sure I can take it, really. Let me tell about today’s episode. You know you’re dying to hear about it. The good news is that there’s actually space in my freezer. Wow! That hasn’t happened in a loooong time. Yes, and there’s more: my fridge offers a visibility that extends beyond the rim of the shelves. Isn’t that crazy? Who would have thought it possible? The bad news is I’m out of dark chocolate. Yes, I know: that’s really bad news. And a dangerous turn of events! Will I stay strong and gobble on the dried-up pieces of candied ginger and dry apricot? Resort to dried prunes for desert? Will I cave? Only time will tell.

But for now, let’s just go back to the issue at hand:

What’s more important is that it tastes as good as it looks. So comforting, so melt-in-your-mouth, so heart-warming! We still have leftovers if you want to join us for dinner tonight. Continue reading