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Cozonac: Romanian Festive Sweet Eggbread

People who looooove artisan bread in five minutes a day, raise your hand! Oh, it might be easier to have people who *don’t* like it raise their hands. Just like I thought: not too many hands, eh? What’s not to love, I wonder: wonderfully flavourful bread that comes out of an easily workable dough which takes minutes to make and stores 4evah in the fridge or freezer.

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Banana Muffins


Please disregard the mutant Mikey Mouse figure above. These are my favourite muffins… uhmmm, and the only ones I make, really. Because I’m the only one in this house who eats floury stuff (so far; I’m hoping to draw Eria on my dark side once she’s old enough), I have to find ways to make them keep well. So banana bread (which the batter is originally for) doesn’t work for me. I’d have to slice it and wrap slices individually before freezing them. But muffins are perfect.Too perfect. Continue reading