It’s good to be back. I’ve missed yoga even more than running. I used to go do Iyengar Yoga at the university, as they usually have good teachers and fair prices, wait, actually, really low prices. But that was back in the day I was actually at the university a lot. Those days are gone. Erm, for now, that is. Knowing me, they’ll come back, there’s just no telling when I’ll get bored with working at home. The point is yoga, so back to it: it was a complete revelation for me. I never thought I would actually get to know and understand how my own body works and operates and, more importantly, feel what’s going on with my body. Maybe you know what I’m talking about if you’ve ever done yoga: feeling that particular muscle stretch, knowing what to do to stretch it just a little bit more, and knowing what’s too much; knowing exactly when you’re pushing yourself and, more importantly, for how long before you do damage. Yoga has really offered me a knowledge of myself that I didn’t know was possible.

Here I go talking as if I’m some big yogi person. I’m not. My yoga practice has been scattered and haphazard. As with other things that are good for me in the long run, but require time and motivation, I can’t really do it on my own, at home. I tried a couple of times and it didn’t work. I need to be registered in a course, pay money, have people who will shame me into coming and pursuing it… Talk about knowing oneself.

The point is – and you might disagree that I actually have a point – that yoga is good for me and that I need to keep on doing it, but I have a hard time actually starting it. When I was running with the hard-core runners at the Running Room (man, that’s a lot of “running” in this sentence), their advice was “get yourself dressed, put running shoes on, and get your ass out for a five-minute run. If you feel like coming back after five minutes, give yourself permission to come back. But it never happens.” And it was true. Except that I take at least 10 minutes to warm up and start enjoying a run. But you get the point.

Yoga at home, though, doesn’t really work like that, for me at least. Does it work for you? Do you do yoga and have some tricks to get yourself to to it? Any suggestions? Anyting? Ha? Ha? Let me just cut the suspense here (bet you’ve already forgotten, though!) and tell you that I’ve been doing (off and on, but mostly off) some post-natal Ashtanga, and that’s where I was today that I dared say I was back into it. I find it refreshing, and a good combination of light cardio (runners are allowed to scoff) with the mental and physical balance that comes with yoga. The only thing is, one appears rather peculiarly out-of-place when one shows up babyless at the mom-and-baby postnatal class. Yep, some explanations were in order.



2 responses to “Yoga

  1. Yoga is the best!

    I love how she steals all those picnic baskets from Jellystone Park!

  2. funny. doesn’t it feel good to be validated?

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