Oh, how I despise anecdotes! Where’s a good one when you need it? For example, some of the more readable essays out there always start with a pithy anecdote, one that they run with afterwards and that covers all the points they want to make. Can I just say: I hate you, good essays! I have anecdote envy. Yes, I know, I should do some anger management over that emotion, and who know what deeply buried causes emerge. Oooomph, sometimes it’s good to do some ranting to get things off one’s chest.

Now to get to the real stuff (yep, those buried things are emerging as we speak): there’s this awesome cfp (call for papers, for you, normal, non-academic, readers) on ‘eploding the brand’ for a collection of essays. The deadline: oh, only January 5. I’ve been racking my brains, pulling them out and kneading them dutifully, to come up with a decent (not extraordinary, mind you) proposal to send to these people, so that I have an inkling of a half-a-chance. Does my brain cooperate, you ask? Let me put it this way: would I be ranting if it did? Would I be procrastinating by blogging? I guess I have mush-brain from parenthood, parental leave, not reading anything else but blogs (little time, short attention span).

But this is all going to change right now. Today. By the end of today, I’ll have come up with a brilliant way of “exploding the brand’ with the help of Scarlett Thomas, some D&G, plus or minus some Naomi Klein (hers is the brand critique bible No Logo). Right. Now to work.

So, yes, I’m back after a seven-month hiatus. A lot has happened in the interim. I can safely (and pretentiously) say I’m a different person now. So, this is probably going to become a different blog than the one I initially envisioned, back in the pre-parenthood days. Be afraid, be very afraid (but not so afraid that you’re not coming back!).



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