Veronika, where *is* spring?

So, slowly but surely this blog is turning from a draft notebook for my dissertation into a chronicle of my procrastination. Excellent! Aaaa, but there is rigor in my procrastination, there is even consistence: further on the subject of the weather, spring has turned its back on us yet again. In revenge, I have stumbled upon this:

It’s a group called The Comedian Harmonists, which were all the rage in 1930’s Germany. A movie chronicling the group’s climb to fame and demise following Nazi interdiction (three of the six group members were Jewish) was made in 1997. The Comedian Harmonists have a considerable following in Germany and Austria today, with several amateur groups singing their repertoire. I have first heard about them in 1998, when I attended a performance of just such a group, which was unexpectedly entertaining.

So why am I bringing up here, apart from mere procrastination? Well, because it’s snowing outside, for one, and I was growing slightly mad, until I just happened to be taken – through random surfing and clicking – to “Veronika, der Lenz ist da,” which means “Veronika, spring is here.” You’d think such an announcement would just make me more incensed, but I personally can’t listen to the Comedian Harmonists without smiling. So, Veronika seems ironically appropriate right now. To me, at least.

Onward and away to work! Wish me luck…


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