Déjà vu

I’m in a rut. I decided to stop writing the blog in favour of channelling all my energies toward writing my big paper, my project… my – dare I say it – dissertation. Guess what! It doesn’t work. As a result, I’ve ignored my blog for some time, and I have nothing to show for in that word document either. Moreover, in spite of having received a bunch of crisp new books just last week, I have barely cracked their cover for more than signing my name in them – yeah, I’m one of those people. And *no*, that’s not the only way my name’s going to be on the title page of a book [whoa, somebody’s in a good mood today].

Anyway, I should go back to feeling guilty for not producing stuff towards the D-thingy, rather than procrastinating here, and making others do it with me (or not). Wish me luck.


One response to “Déjà vu

  1. this is a belated comment, margrit — blame the symposium — but remember that you are not supposed to show me a big batch of a 200-page document next week. you’re simply going to pull together a handful of pages on one small aspect of the introduction. if you’re written five double-spaced pages, you’re there! start by rereading your exams and your reading notes; cut and paste; and write your transitional sentences, and voila! (or, as i usually say, viola)! yes? no??

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