Non-life-and-death dilemma

[Warning: This post should have been “Žižek on Deleuze (Part II)”]

What do you do when you read a book that you know you should read, but the reading just drags its feet? Do you trudge onward, like a brave little soldier? Or, do you just put it down and move on to something else that might make you more productive? What’s that you say? The reading is always greener in the other book, the one that you haven’t already read, but has been waiting patiently on your shelf? Aha. So it’s not Slavoj, it’s me. Well, that’s always how it works out to be. It’s all about me. But really, do I have to know all the details of Žižek’s argument about how Deleuze is actually Hegelian in spite of himself? For one, I haven’t read Hegel. Why, you ask? As my supervisor puts it: “In an ideal world, any self-respecting intellectual should read X [Weber, Nietzsche, Hegel, Heidegger, as the case may be]. But right now, your focus should be on Y [exams, dissertation, proposal, paper, as the case may be]. Put it on the list of ‘things-to-read-one-day’.” Of course, this doesn’t mean that my supervisor’s to blame for my remaining a troglodyte. Oh no. I *could’ve* read Hegel. I could’ve. Just last night, instead of watching that gripping two-part political thriller on TV (the second/last episode airs next week; stay tuned). Or the night before. Or any other night, for that matter. Oh my, the amount of time I squander instead of reading the great men of philosophy. Am I repentant? No. And not just because I’m not religious.

I’ll give Slavoj just one more chance: we’ll go for drinks and I’ll let him talk me into his argument, while I OD on sunshine.


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